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We offer advisory, development and engagement services, supporting people with knowledge, skills
and expertise to achieve personal, organisational and community outcomes.

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Chris Mene About Mene Solutions

Enabling client success by providing bespoke solutions that integrate collaborative leadership and engagement approaches.

We work collaboratively with a range of high-level organisations, helping them to execute intricate projects and empowering their people with the skills they need to operate in complex scenarios. We make things happen – we implement change, enhance efficiency and drive better results. While our core services revolves around facilitation, coaching and training we also provide assistance with analysis and reporting, strategic planning and change leadership. At the end of the day it’s about partnering with you to develop and implement strategies for success. → Contact Mene Solutions

  • Chris Mene - Facilitator at Mene Solutions

    Chris Mene

    As a facilitator, director, coach, trainer and advisor I listen and learn, communicate and collaborate, and bring clarity and direction to the clients I partner with. I work with schools, churches, businesses, government agencies, NGO’s and philanthropic organisations, providing a range of services including facilitation, partnership development and transformation co-design.

    I'm a proud and active member of the local community, providing pro bono services to a variety of organisations and networks especially in the youth and community sectors. I’m a member of the Institute of Directors in NZ and hold directorships in health, education and philanthropic sectors. I am a member of and trainer for the International Association of Public Participation Australasia.

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  • Mene Solutions

    Leanne Guillemot-Mene

    Details orientated and accurate, I help organisations improve their systems and develop techniques for operating more efficiently.

    As well as specialising in Human Resource Management and Executive Coaching I’m responsible for the engagement of the Mene Solutions team and associates, and also provide Financial Management support to small and medium sized organisations.

    I hold a Bachelor of Commerce degree, am a member of the International Coaching Federation, and have executive management experience in human resources, administration, employment relations, enterprise development, financial accounting and youth development.

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  • “Chris Mene from Mene Solutions Ltd is undoubtedly the most skilled and experienced facilitator of stakeholder engagement in Greater Christchurch, and likely New Zealand. Chris has facilitated an immense array of successful engagements in extremely diverse, high stakes and often emotionally charged contexts. Leadership Lab has had the pleasure of working alongside Chris in a number of projects and found that Chris delivers a rare blend incisive, logical and detailed strategic processes blended with compassion, empathy and commitment to social transformation. Chris has an impressive range of governance experience and specialises in brokering collaborations between discrete sectors and organisations – often humbly describing himself as a person who “works in the spaces in-between”. Innovative and pioneering projects are the result of this which in turn contribute in far reaching ways to community and organisational transformation.”
    Dr Chris Jansen→ Leadership Lab Ltd
  • “Leanne Guillemot-Mene and Chris Mene of Mene Solutions have been working with me and our community development organisation Papanui Baptist Freedom Trust. Chris and Leanne are both absolutely fantastic: Extremely professional and talented while also completely down-to-earth and very caring. I could not be more impressed”
    Damian Ardell → Enrich Community Chaplaincy & Papanui Baptist Freedom Trust
  • “We wanted to revolutionise how SVA recruited its leadership team, so we contacted Chris Mene to take a dynamic leadership and personal development workshop for our SVA applicants. We wanted to really exhibit how these students interacted, see how they thought, how they processed information, how outside of the box they could think - essentially we wanted to see the real them. Not solely through an interview and from a bit of paper, but to give them an opportunity to flourish in a team environment. Chris provided this for SVA, which enabled us to pick the most incredible team to lead SVA in 2016. Even applicants who were not successful were in awe at the session, it made them think differently, think about the wider scope of things, but also ensuring everything is done for a proper purpose. It was invaluable, and SVA is most appreciative of Chris' amazing work." ”
    Lucy McLeod → President (2015) → Student Volunteer Army
  • “During a series of community meetings about the controversial subject of potentially contaminated land, Chris enabled everyone to ask questions and voice their concerns in an orderly manner, and ensured the most vocal people did not dominate.”
    Environment Canterbury (ECAN)
  • “Mene Solutions have delivered a professional, common sense approach to supporting change and structure within our community development organisation. Their expertise around topics that many small NFP’s have to deal with each day, has mean't our workload has been lightened.”
    Belfast Community Network
  • “ "When Christchurch City Council needed to bring the Eastern Recreation & Sport Centre Community Advisory Group on a journey to identify the site for a new eastern pool, Chris helped provide a strong pathway and process for everyone to be involved. His excellent facilitation skills ensured that the individuals involved were able to have their input and we ended up with a robust and transparent process that ended in a great outcome. I would recommend Chris for any work where complex stakeholder advice and facilitation is required".”
    Simon Battrick→ Christchurch City Council

Mene Solutions Offering

We customise the solutions we offer to meet the unique needs of each client we work alongside.


The role of a facilitator is to deliver results; to map out and execute a strategic plan for accomplishing specific tasks. We work alongside everyone from small privately owned businesses to large government agencies, on an equally diverse array or projects. We help these organisations recognise and resolve the challenges in their path, guiding them through a step-by-step process to meet their core objectives. Our role is a hands-on one; we become invested in the project from the start, committed to achieving pre-determined goals and focused on doing so in the most efficient and effective manner possible.


Coaching is about plotting a course for success; about working alongside our clients to set targets, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals. We follow a clearly defined pathway that begins by painting a picture of what needs to be accomplished. From there it’s about understanding both the current reality and the hurdles that stand in the way, before developing a step-by-step plan for success. This systematic approach can be employed by everyone from individuals looking to improve their skills and tackle new challenges to organisations grappling with growth and change.


As trainers we work alongside individuals and organisations, walking them through processes and arming them with the skills they need to operate in complex situations. Drawing on years of practical experience operating in challenging environments we provide effective strategies for dealing with stress, and empower people with the skills they need to get the job done. Because no two students, and no two scenarios, are exactly alike, training is as much about being flexible and responsive as it is about imparting knowledge, and we tailor our approach to each unique circumstance.

Mene Solutions

Employing proven techniques and rigorous procedures
to manage risk and control output.

Our Clients

Our broad experience and diverse skillset allows us to work with a wide range of organisations and groups.

Our clients range from local authorities and central government organisations to large corporates and community groups. We do a significant amount of work in the education, health, recreation, sport and social services sectors, where our personal and professional integrity and our robust procedures are highly valued.

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Chris Mene:
+64 21 610 931

Leanne Guillemot-Mene:
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